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Revolutionize Industrial Production with SZJ Automation’s Intelligent Factories

SZJ Automation is a trusted leader in providing advanced automation solutions, with a particular focus on intelligent factories. With a core technology centered around high-efficiency transmission and drive technology, SZJ Automation enables businesses to achieve optimal energy transmission, drive, and operational efficiency. By leveraging cutting-edge innovations, SZJ Automation enhances the reliability, productivity, and competitiveness of automation equipment, contributing to the development of the industrial sector.

High-Efficiency Transmission Technology for Seamless Operations

SZJ Automation’s intelligent factories incorporate high-efficiency transmission technology to ensure seamless operations. This technology enables the efficient transmission of energy, such as batteries, pallets, and liquids, throughout the automation equipment. Whether it’s AGV transmission, RGV transmission, logistics line transmission, or liquid injection machine electrolysis pipeline transmission, SZJ Automation’s transmission systems enable long-distance, precise positioning transmission.

Advancing Industrial Competitiveness through High-Efficiency Drive Technology

SZJ Automation’s intelligent factories leverage high-efficiency drive technology to advance industrial competitiveness. This technology enables the efficient transmission of mechanical energy, ensuring optimal equipment operation. With efficient transmission devices, such as cam drives and belt drives, SZJ Automation enables high-speed and high-precision movement, enhancing the performance and productivity of automation equipment.


SZJ Automation’s intelligent factories revolutionize industrial production through the integration of high-efficiency transmission and drive technology. By ensuring seamless energy transmission and efficient mechanical operation, SZJ Automation’s solutions optimize productivity, reliability, and competitiveness. The application of high-efficiency transmission and drive technology enhances energy utilization, reduces environmental impact, and promotes sustainable industrial growth.

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