Learn About Peruvian Fighting Chickens – Peruvian Chicken Strains In Vietnam

For those new to cockfighting, the Peruvian fighting cock breed is still a mystery. Let’s join bookmaker New88vinet Learn more about this fighting chicken line.

Characteristics of the Peruvian fighting chicken strain

For beginners, it is very normal to confuse fighting chicken breeds with each other. Because most fighting chicken breeds have a relatively similar appearance, if you don’t observe carefully, it will be difficult to distinguish. Below we will list the outstanding characteristics of the Peruvian fighting chicken breed for you to distinguish.

Identify the Peruvian fighting cock breed through the chicken’s head

The Peruvian chicken breed has a special identification point: its head is quite large with a leaf or mulberry comb that is larger in size than other breeds. This breed of chicken has jet black eyes. If you look closely, their eyes are quite mysterious and heroic. The beak of the Peruvian fighting cock is longer than that of other fighting cocks. This is a great advantage in cockfighting because pecks will cause deeper wounds. Besides, the mane of the Peruvian chicken breed is shorter than other chicken breeds.

Characteristics of chicken body

An adult Peruvian chicken weighs three to five kilograms. Peruvian fighting cocks have a big, strong body and beautiful skin color. Besides, the bones of this chicken breed are very strong. Although their bodies are quite large, they are not bulky but have an imposing appearance.

This breed of chicken has a slightly hunched back, long breast and high legs. What is especially noteworthy is that they have two middle toes that will not change color. From babies to adults, they are all white. Adult Peruvians have larger, longer fingers and claws than other chicken breeds.

The tail of the Peruvian fighting cock

The tail of the Peruvian cock is nothing special. They are like most other fighting cock breeds. With three main tail feathers and about seven tail feathers, they also help balance the cock’s jumps very well.

Summary of four lines of Peruvian fighting chickens in Vietnam

Thanks to its flexible and strong fighting style, and the love and welcome of many players, large chicken farms have imported this breed of chicken to Vietnam. Currently, there are four breeds of Peruvian chickens present in our country.

Purebred Peruvian fighting chicken breed

Purebred Peruvian chickens have been around for a long time. This chicken breed originates from Belgian, French, Malay fighting chickens and Bankiva wild chickens crossed together. Purebred Peruvian chickens will have all the above mentioned characteristics.

Peruvian bamboo chicken line in Vietnam

This breed of chicken is no longer considered purebred. This is the best fighting chicken breed created by purebred lines crossed with American chicken breeds. Thanks to this hybridization, the bad traits of the breedPeruvian fighting cock has been improved. Specifically, ugly feet, a hunchback or an unattractive coat color. Thanks to overcoming these disadvantages, the Peruvian bantam breed is more sought after by chicken breeders than the purebred breed.

Like Peruvian Thai fighting cocks

This breed is also bred from purebred Peruvian chickens. With the hiding chicken breed being the Peruvian chicken and the mother Peruvian hen breed being the Thai chicken, the offspring inherit the dominant genes of both chicken breeds. These chicks are always sought after by Thai cockers for quite high prices. But this breed also requires meticulous care to become a powerful fighter.

Peruvian hybrid chicken line in Vietnam

This is a chicken breed that was bred by the chicken masters themselves. Cockfighting enthusiasts also understand that if they are inbred, the chicks will not inherit the dominant gene. Therefore, people often breed a purebred Peruvian cock with another breed of chicken to create offspring with the dominant characteristics of these two chicken breeds.


Instructions for caring for Peruvian fighting cocks

The Peruvian chicken breed is considered the god of cocks in matches such as Peruvian chicken fighting with iron spurs, Peruvian chicken fighting with round spurs, Peruvian chicken fighting with knife spurs. However, to take care of a strong fighting cock, cockmasters need to pay attention to the following points:

  • These chickens have the ability to grow and gain weight very quickly. So you need to pay attention to providing them with nutrients. But you should consider a reasonable diet to avoid being too fat, which will negatively affect your fighting ability.
  • You should combine braising and feather running to help your chickens practice best. This regimen should be done regularly to reduce the amount of fat under the skin of the chicken.
  • For nutrition, you can feed the cocks rice, rice or food in the form of bran pellets. In addition, you need to provide more vitamin B12 for chickens to have good health. Besides, Peruvian chickens love to eat prey. They will need a lot of beef, eel and vegetables of all kinds during the adult stage or the stage before going into battle.


Hopefully the above information from New88 can help you better understand the Peruvian fighting cock breed. To become an experienced cockfighter, you need to learn more about fighting cock strains. Wishing you all the best in finding and nurturing undefeated chickens.

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