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Custom Gear Machining Solutions by SPP CNC Machining

SPP CNC Machining is a leading provider of SPP custom gear machining solutions, offering a wide range of gear machining types to cater to diverse industry needs. With expertise in gear hobbing, milling, grinding, and more, SPP CNC Machining delivers precision custom gear machining that excel in various applications. In this article, we will explore the gear machining capabilities of SPP CNC Machining and discuss the diverse applications of their custom gears.

Gear Machining Types

SPP CNC Machining offers a comprehensive range of gear machining types to achieve specific structures and accuracy. Their expertise includes:

Hobbing: This process is suitable for producing gears with class-leading accuracy, ensuring excellent meshing and power transmission.

Milling: SPP CNC Machining specializes in milling gears, splines, and timing wheels with complex shapes, enabling precise and intricate designs.

Grinding: With grinding, SPP CNC Machining achieves class 4 accuracy, resulting in gears with exceptional precision and surface finish.

Archimedes Worm Gear Forming: This unique gear machining process enables the production of Archimedes worm gears, known for their efficiency and smooth operation.

Secondary Envelope Worm Gear and Worm Gear Forming: SPP CNC Machining excels in manufacturing secondary envelope worm gears, providing reliable and high-performance gear solutions.

Large Gear Manufacturing: SPP CNC Machining’s capabilities extend to producing large gears, ensuring durability and efficient power transmission.

Diverse Applications of Custom Gears

SPP CNC Machining’s custom gears find applications across numerous industries and sectors. They are widely used in power transmission systems, gearboxes, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, lifts, motor sports, aircraft seating, robotics, nuclear facilities, defense equipment, railways, and more. SPP CNC Machining manufactures a broad range of gear types, including brass gears, bronze gears, differential gears, double helical gears, twin spur gears, drive gears, flywheels, rack and pinion gears, ground gears, helical gears, internal gears, planetary gears, plastic gears, precision gears, reduction gears, sprockets, steel gears, timing pulleys, worm gear sets, worm gears, worm shafts, spline shafts, and spline bushings.


SPP CNC Machining stands as a reliable partner for custom gear machining needs. Their expertise in various gear machining types ensures the production of high-quality gears that meet precise specifications. With a wide range of applications and a diverse selection of gear types, SPP CNC Machining caters to the unique requirements of industries and sectors worldwide. Contact SPP CNC Machining today to explore their custom gear machining solutions and enhance your machinery’s performance and durability.

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