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Blovedream: Your Top Choice for Handheld Computers with Keyboards

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Blovedream stands out as a renowned brand, catering to the dynamic needs of industries seeking versatile handheld computers with keyboards. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Blovedream offers a range of options to meet these demands, including their signature product, the Blovedream handheld computer with keyboard T80. This article will delve into what makes Blovedream a leading handheld computer with keyboard supplier, emphasizing the value of their products and services.

Meeting Diverse Needs

One of the distinguishing features of Blovedream is its dedication to providing flexible solutions. The company excels in both OEM and ODM services, ensuring that businesses can tailor handheld computers with keyboards to their specific requirements. This adaptability makes Blovedream a go-to choice for companies with unique demands and preferences.

Exploring the T80: A Versatile Companion

The Blovedream handheld computer with keyboard T80 exemplifies the brand’s commitment to excellence. This lightweight device packs a punch, equipped with an 800W rear camera featuring auto-focus, anti-shake, and flash capabilities. It also supports live video recording, ensuring clear and smooth image capture during essential operations.

Robust and Resilient Design

The ergonomic design of the T80 ensures comfortable grip and quick one-handed operation, without occupying excessive space. It’s a reliable choice for businesses that rely on various data acquisition methods. The T80 excels in providing versatile data automatic identification and collection methods, including one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning, NFC, GPS, and more. Its NFC sensing region allows for the read/write function, with support for the ISO1443A/B and 1693 protocols at distances of 2cm to 5cm. The T80 is built to withstand harsh environments with its IP66 dust-proof and waterproof structure design and 1.5m anti-fall capability.


In conclusion, Blovedream is not just a brand; it’s a reliable partner in the realm of handheld computers with keyboards. Their commitment to versatility and quality, exemplified by the T80, makes them the preferred supplier for businesses seeking tailored solutions in this dynamic tech landscape. When it comes to handheld computers with keyboards, Blovedream is a name you can trust.

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