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Spring Loaded Pogo Pin: Pomagtor’s Innovative Solution for Reliable Board-to-Board Connections

An established manufacturer of premium spring loaded pogo pins, such as test probe test pins and pogo pins, is Pomagtor. These cutting-edge pins are widely used in the semiconductor testing and electronics industries, where they are essential parts for many precise measurements.

Introduction to Pomagtor – The Expert in Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

Within the realm of electronic connections, Pomagtor stands out as a trusted expert in the design and manufacture of spring-loaded pogo pins, catering to diverse industry needs. With a focus on quality and precision, Pomagtor’s products have garnered a reputation for their exceptional performance and reliability.

Versatile Applications of Pomagtor Spring Loaded Pins

One of Pomagtor’s flagship products is the pomagtor spring loaded pogo pin, widely employed in board-to-board connection requirements. These pins offer a practical solution for connecting two or more stacked boards, accommodating tolerance stack-ups, misalignments, and errors in parallelism and co-planarity. Whether the boards are oriented parallel, perpendicular, vertical, or horizontal, Pomagtor’s spring loaded pogo pins present an array of flexible configuration options to suit specific needs.

Space-saving Solutions for Limited Real Estate

In situations where space is at a premium, Pomagtor excels in offering spring-loaded connectors with a pin-to-pin pitch as low as.050 or 2mm. This enables secure and reliable connections even in tight spaces. Additionally, Pomagtor provides spring pins with an exceptionally low profile off the board, catering to limited vertical space requirements.


Pomagtor’s commitment to superior spring-loaded pogo pins ensures seamless integration in industrial applications. Their solutions provide reliable connections, adaptability to different board orientations, and space-saving features. Trust Pomagtor for unparalleled expertise in spring-loaded pogo pins, delivering precision and performance in electronics and testing.

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