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SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319: Perfect for On-the-Go Filming

When it comes to capturing memorable moments on your camera, having a reliable and portable camera tripod is essential. SmallRig, a leading brand in camera accessories, presents the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319—a travel tripod designed to meet the needs of on-the-go filmmakers and photographers.

Telescopic Handle for Easy Storage

SmallRig understands the importance of convenience and portability. The CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 features a telescopic handle that allows for easy storage and transportation. Its compact design ensures that it takes up minimal space when not in use, making it ideal for travel and outdoor shooting. With the SmallRig CT190, you can effortlessly carry your tripod wherever your creative journey takes you.

Quick Angle Adjustment

Adapting to different shooting situations is key for capturing the perfect shot. The SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 offers quick angle adjustment, allowing you to effortlessly change the shooting angle to suit your needs. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or action sequences, the adjustable angles provide versatility and flexibility, ensuring you capture every moment from the best perspective.


Experience the ultimate blend of convenience and versatility with the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319. This tripod offers a seamless fusion of portability and functionality, making it an excellent choice for photographers and filmmakers on the move. Its telescopic handle facilitates effortless storage and transportation, ensuring hassle-free mobility. With the quick angle adjustment feature, you can easily adapt to different shooting scenarios, enhancing your creative possibilities. SmallRig’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation is evident in this travel tripod, making it an indispensable companion for professionals seeking exceptional results.

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