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PCR System: Advancing Scientific Discovery with Cutting-Edge Technology

In the realm of molecular analysis, PCR systems have emerged as the cornerstone of modern research and diagnostics. Among the trailblazing brands in this domain, Tianlong stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional PCR solutions that drive scientific excellence.

Experience Precision On-the-Go with Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+

Tianlong presents a groundbreaking solution for portable PCR testing with the Gentier Mini+. Engineered to excel in mobile labs and compact spaces, this portable Real Time PCR system offers exceptional performance and unrivaled portability. Addressing challenges like limited space and fragmented samples, Gentier Mini+ revolutionizes the way you conduct experiments, making them not only easier but also more accurate and efficient. With an impressive 1-second scanning time for 16 wells, this system enhances efficiency for on-site diagnostics, all without the need for fluorescence calibration after relocation. Compact and lightweight, Gentier Mini+ is the ideal companion for professionals who demand precision without compromise.

Unleash Versatility and Precision

Gentier Mini+ by Tianlong isn’t just portable – it’s power-packed. Boasting four fluorescence channels and compatibility with various dyes, it facilitates qualitative and quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, and more. The system’s instant result analysis allows direct examination on the device or through PC software. Stay connected effortlessly through WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces. With three distinct control modes – touchscreen, computer software, and remote control via tablet – Gentier Mini+ adapts seamlessly to your lab’s configuration. Whether you’re engaged in animal disease research, infectious disease prevention, or other scientific pursuits, Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ stands as your dependable partner for accurate and efficient PCR testing, wherever you need it.

Serving Diverse Sectors

Tianlong’s PCR systems find applications across diverse sectors, from healthcare to environmental science. By enabling accurate genetic analysis and pathogen detection, these systems contribute to the well-being of society. The brand’s reach extends far and wide, making a positive impact on human health and the environment.

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