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Han’s Robot: A Global Leader in Intelligent Robotics

Han’s Robot, a subsidiary of Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., is a renowned national high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent robotics. Established in September 2017, the company was founded and invested in by Han’s Laser, a leading player in the laser technology industry. With its production and R&D bases situated in Shenzhen City and Foshan City, the company has expanded its operations globally, including subsidiaries in Tianjin, Wuxi, Chengdu City, and offices in Germany and the USA.

Reaching Customers Worldwide

Han’s Robot has successfully established a formidable presence across the globe, with customers spanning more than 100 countries and regions. From China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, the company’s footprint extends to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Russia, and multiple European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. This extensive network highlights Han’s Robot’s commitment to delivering innovative robotic solutions to a diverse range of industries and markets worldwide.

High-Tech Solutions for Various Sectors

With a dedicated team of over 100 experts from Han’s Motor Robotics Research Institute, Han’s Robot is at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of intelligent robotics. The company’s comprehensive range of robotic systems, including robotic arms, collaborative robots, and automated guided vehicles , caters to the unique requirements of industries such as automotive, electronics, metalworking, logistics, and more.


Han’s Robot, a subsidiary of Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., has rapidly emerged as a global leader in intelligent robotics since its establishment in 2017. With a wide range of advanced robotic solutions and a customer base spanning over 100 countries and regions, the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident. As technology continues to evolve, Han’s Robot is poised to shape the future of intelligent robots with its dedication to development, promotion, and application of cutting-edge robotic systems across various sectors.

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