Enhancing Turkey Barn Lighting with Hontech Wins’ LED Solutions

When it comes to turkey barn lighting, Hontech Wins is a trusted LED light supplier, offering specialized solutions to meet the unique needs of poultry farmers. Their HT-T12AC30W15FD T12 IP67 Dimmable LED poultry tube and HT-DIM-03L iDimmer are designed to optimize lighting conditions in turkey barns, ensuring the well-being and productivity of turkeys.

Tailored LED Poultry Tube for Turkey Barns

The HT-T12AC30W15FD LED poultry tube is specifically designed for turkey barns in Germany. With a length of 1.5 meters and an IP67 rating, this tube provides reliable performance in the demanding conditions of poultry farming. Its warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K creates an ideal environment for turkey growth and promotes their overall well-being.

Advanced Lighting Control with the HT-DIM-03L iDimmer

To further enhance lighting control in turkey barns, Hontech Wins offers the HT-DIM-03L iDimmer. This programmable dimmer is designed for poultry lighting systems and provides a maximum power capacity of 3000W, allowing farmers to efficiently manage the lighting conditions. With three lighting zones and programmable brightness control, farmers can customize lighting programs based on the specific growth stages of their turkeys.

Maximizing Turkey Production with Hontech Wins

By combining the HT-T12AC30W15FD LED poultry tube and HT-DIM-03L iDimmer, poultry farmers can create an optimized lighting system in their turkey barns. The dimmable feature enables adjustments to the lighting intensity, providing turkeys with the ideal lighting conditions for growth and maximizing their productivity. As a reputable LED light supplier, Hontech Wins understands the unique requirements of poultry farmers and strives to provide reliable, high-quality LED lighting solutions. Their dedication to product innovation, quality control, and customer satisfaction makes them the preferred partner for poultry farmers seeking advanced lighting solutions.


Hontech Wins’ HT-T12AC30W15FD LED poultry tube and HT-DIM-03L iDimmer are specifically designed to meet the lighting needs of turkey barns. With their specialized features, these products create an optimal lighting environment for turkeys, promoting their well-being and maximizing productivity. As a trusted LED light supplier, Hontech Wins offers reliable and advanced solutions for poultry farmers, supporting their turkey production goals with high-quality LED lighting technology. Choose Hontech Wins as your partner and unlock the full potential of your turkey barn lighting system.

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